Saturday, February 17, 2018

Outpost Mentioned on LitRPG Podcast 96

Monsters, Maces and Magic: Outpost's upcoming release was mentioned on the LitRPG Podcast (about 10:55 in).

The LitRPG Podcast is having a large number of giveaways in preparation for its impending 100th episode, discussed early in the podcast (in case you might be interested).

Pre-order ebook: Monsters, Maces and Magic: Outpost
Print book: Monsters, Maces and Magic: Outpost (Now Available)

Below is the LitRPG Episode 96:

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Pre-Order for Monsters, Maces and Magic: Outpost

Monsters, Maces and Magic: Outpost is available for Pre-order (ebook) at a discount ($2.99)

Ebook Publication Date: March 7, with retail price at $3.99

Pre-order LinkMonsters, Maces and Magic: Outpost on Kindle

Order Link: Monsters, Maces and Magic: Outpost (Print) (Now Available)

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Classic Plastics Toy & Comic Expo 2018

My wife and I will be here March 3rd and 4th.

Here's a link to the event: Classic Plastics Toy & Comic Expo

Should have copies of Monsters, Maces and Magic: Outpost available (if thing go smoothly).

Will post more details later in the month.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Writing Status Update

Just a quick update.

I have completed the first draft of Monsters, Maces and Magic: Betrayal. Actually it's more like a second draft for most sections. I am now working on final edits/revisions with Monsters, Maces and Magic: Outpost, the first book in my new Fantasy (LitRPG) series.

When I get the edits for Outpost finished, I'll send it to my publisher (Gryphonwood Press), who will assign an editor. While that is happening, I will begin the revision process on my end for Betrayal. It will then go to Gryphonwood for editing.

I will have to incorporate/approve all recommended corrections/edits/revisions and then return the manuscripts for Gryphonwood to prep for publication.

I have one blurb in, and the cover art for both novels is completed (although the second is not cleared for preview yet). The titlework and other bits have yet to be finished, as well as the back of the book teaser.

Not yet solid on when the release for Outpost will be, since there are still a lot of moving parts. But the plan is to release Outpost, with having Betrayal ready as a pre-order. The goal is to have two books in the series available in relatively close release.

Then, I will begin work on completing the third novel in the Crax War Chronicles (Relic Shield). It's outlined and I began writing it, but it's not been touched since January of last year. During most of 2017 I focused on the two Dane Maddock Kindle World releases (Rock House and Cavern) as well as writing Betrayal.

So it's possible I may have three novels published in 2018. :)

After that, either work on the next Monsters, Maces and Magic novel or the next First Civilization's Legacy novel.

We'll see.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Cover Art for Monsters, Maces and Magic: Outpost

Gryphonwood Press released the cover art for Monsters, Maces and Magic: Outpost, the first novel in my upcoming LitRPG series.

Cover Art by:  Drazenka Kimpel

Monday, December 4, 2017

New Series with Gryphonwood Press

Hey Folks,

Gryphonwood Press has accepted the first two novels in a new series for publication!

Monsters, Maces and Magic: Outpost
Monsters, Maces and Magic: Betrayal

Monsters, Maces and Magic is a LitRPG series, a fantasy sub-genre that has a connection to role playing games.

The cover artist, Drazenka Kimpel, has already been contracted. She did the cover art for Relic Hunted.

Outpost needs one more revision pass before I turn it in to Gryphonwood to be edited, and I am busy working to complete the first draft to Betrayal.

I will strive to keep you updated.

In any case, expect release of Outpost in early 2018, followed shortly there after by Betrayal.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Christmas in the Village (St. Paris, OH) --I'll be There

Hey Folks,

Just to let you know that I'll be a part of the Christmas in the Village celebration in St. Paris, on Saturday, December 2nd.

I will be part of the Craft Show, in the Municipal Building (135 W. Main Street), from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm with copies of my novels.

Who doesn't enjoy receiving a good novel (signed) for a Christmas present?

Plus, if you have questions about writing, fantasy or science fiction or whatever...stop by.

Take a look at the flier below to see all of the events and activities.

Hope to see you there!